King Of Clubs Las Vegas Limo Drivers Will Make Your Trip Fun & Safe!


Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. Don’t get busted or scammed! It’s legal right next door in Pahrump! Use one of our Brothel Escorts and have a stress-free completely legal fun time!

About Brothel Escorts

Just like the ad says, our licensed and insured limo driver will pick you up and drive you to a legal brothel in Pahrump, Nevada. Not a bus, your own personal escort, on your schedule. You decide when to come and go. (Pun intended)  But we do have bus tours available for groups of 4 or more which can include on-board entertainment and drinks!

Your brothel escort will park the car and go inside with you and help you negotiate a fair deal – show you the ropes (so to speak) – and make you feel safe and secure so you can have fun! Because you’re with a King of Clubs concierge, you won’t have to pay a cover charge.

If you choose not to actively participate, your brothel escort will hang out with you at the bar so you can watch all the sexy fun and not have to worry about a safe and sober ride home.

Our drivers are professional. If you’d like to chat, they’d be happy to! If you’d prefer to work on your laptop, text or Facebook on the way there and back, that’s fine too.

We can also arrange a stripper on a limo bus if you’d like sexy entertainment on the way to the club! If it’s legal, we can arrange it! Really. No request is too strange. It is Vegas, after all!

King Of Clubs Las Vegas is here to help you bring the fun! With no hidden fees or surprises.

Current weekday rates for Brothel Escorts is $100 per hour, 3 hour minimum. Weekend rates start at $200 per hour, 3 hour minimum.  Rates are per person. Group rates and special packages can be negotiated. Rates and availability subject to change. The reason it’s a 3 hour minimum is based on one hour drive out to a Pahrump brothel, one hour onsite and one hour back. If you’d like more than one hour onsite, you know the fee upfront and can gauge your stay accordingly.

About King Of Clubs Las Vegas

King of Clubs Las Vegas is a full service VIP concierge service dedicated to personal customer service.

King of Clubs Las Vegas prides itself on face to face customer assistance. Our hosts will meet you at the front door of every nightclub, gentleman’s club, restaurant or hotel.

Please don’t hesitate to give them a call. A real live host will answer the phone.

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Why Brothel Escorts?

Because we see time and again where a Las Vegas newbie asks a doorman where to find some adult entertainment. Suddenly a limo appears from around the corner and whisks you to a strip club. You feel like a VIP. At the end of the night you receive a surprise tab for three or four thousand dollars at a strip club without getting laid. They’re strip clubs, not brothels. Sex is illegal in a strip club. We see frustrated newbies wasting thousands of dollars trying to convert a dancer to a sex worker. It’s a waste of time and energy. The girls at the brothels are fun and clean. And they know how to make you happy! But just visiting a brothel is a blast! Try us out or ask a friend who has! Have a fun, affordable night of adult entertainment!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to drive an hour out to Pahrump, our concierge service can be your personal wingman and show you around the hot spots in Las Vegas! You’ll bypass the waiting lines at the hottest clubs and never pay a cover charge because you’re with a King of Clubs Concierge! King of Clubs concierges are educated, well-spoken and professional. And there’s no hidden “gotcha” fees at the end of the night.

Not just for straights…

For the Gay Crowd, we recommend – a gay tour operator.



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